Aromatherapy 1 hour

A full body massage with essential oils, blended to help uplift, soothe, calm and relax, as well as help with a range of emotional and physical problems. During the massage the oils are absorbed into the body through the skin and nose; they remain in the system for several hours.

Indian Head Massage 40 minutes

Based on the Ayurvedic system of healing from India, the head, neck and shoulders are massaged with a range of deep kneading and compressive movements, also the pressure points of the face are gently stimulated. This eases stress that has accumulated in the muscle tissue and joints.

Thai Foot Massage 45 minutes

An invigorating and deeply relaxing massage for the feet and lower legs. As well as hands on massage, this treatment involves stretching and the use of a traditional Thai Rose wood stick to stimulate pressure points. It energises, opens energy channels, leaving you feeling relaxed.

Hot Stones Massage 1 hour

Using warm basalt stones to massage the full body, the heat helps to deeply relax muscles and take out any tightness. The therapist can work deeper to give a very different flowing massage. Hot stones have been used throughout history for healing and worship in many cultures


Day and evening appointments are available.

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