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what’s on

Unless otherwise stated, our services are open to women age 16+ who live within the Wakefield district only.

To receive email updates on our upcoming courses, please contact us on telephone: 01924 211114 or email: info@wellwomenwakefield.org.uk and ask to be added to our Courses Interest List.


Stronger Futures
FREE. 6 week course
Every Wednesday starting 22nd May
11am – 1pm

A course looking at all aspects of women’s complex lives. Sessions will look at and give and understanding of: Self-Care; Domestic Abuse; Child Protection; Being Heard; Personal Development; What Next?

This course will be most suited to women who may be struggling with their thoughts and feelings around the above issues and would like the opportunity to explore them in a safe and non-judgmental space.

To register for this course, please contact us on telephone: 01924 211114 or email: info@wellwomenwakefield.org.uk



Managing Low Mood Workshop Thursday 25th April 10am-12pm

Focusing on helping you to understand symptoms of low mood or depression and to consider a way forward.

To book on these workshops, please contact us on 01924 211114



Nine individual sessions, opt in to any that might be helpful to you.

You MUST register for each individual session you would like to attend. To do so, please contact us on telephone: 01924 211114, or email: info@wellwomenwakefield.org.uk

All sessions are Tuesdays, 6:00pm – 7:45pm

Understanding depression & low mood – Tuesday 16th April     

What do we mean by depression and is it the same as feeling low? What causes depression? We will explore emotional needs and share some ideas for tackling depression and low mood.

Communication styles & strategies – THIS SESSION IS FULL   

Do you have trouble saying no? Do you feel people take advantage of you? And do you have trouble controlling your temper? We will explore different aggressive, passive and assertive ways of communicating and practise saying no.

Negative thinking & reframing – THIS SESSION IS FULL

Looking at common negative thinking patterns, what happens when we repeatedly use negative thinking-impact on emotions and behaviour. Challenging negative thinking and developing more realistic approaches.

Introduction to Complementary Therapies – THIS SESSION IS FULL

Learn about Complementary Therapies, how to use them safely at home and how they can be beneficial to your health and wellbeing + Q&A space. Plus makes some bath salt to take home.

Anxiety coping strategies and tools – THIS SESSION IS FULL

We will be looking at what we mean by anxiety. What happens to us when we get anxious and why? We will practise some strategies to manage and reduce anxiety.

Creative ways of dealing with stress – THIS SESSION IS FULL

Using different ways of exploring and expressing our feelings. We will be trying out two techniques, one using creative visualisation, and the other using a selection of pictures. No artistic ability required!

Mindfulness, gaining perspective – THIS SESSION IS FULL

What on earth is mindfulness? How being more aware of the present moment can help us manage the past and the future. We will use some mindful techniques to explore this idea further.

Understanding the Menopause – Tuesday 4th June

You will gain understanding of the menopause, they physical and emotional symptoms. You’ll look at treatment options and self-care.

How to improve your sleep – THIS SESSION IS FULL

Explore why we sleep, what happens when we don’t sleep, and ways to improve sleep using lifestyle changes and Complementary Therapies.


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