mission statement

‘’To provide a holistic, non-medical approach to women’s health and well -being with an emphasis on supporting and empowering. To provide these services in a safe, women only environment’’

Our aims are to work with women to:

  • Listen and support
  • Help explore feelings
  • Work holistically to support the mind, body and spirit
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Build skills
  • Empower

Our Future Vision Is…

…to continue to deliver quality services to women in the Wakefield District, which have a positive impact on the wider community. We will maintain our core purpose and aim to meet local need by developing and broadening the range of services we offer. We wish to remain flexible enough to provide a service to local people where they feel comfortable, and to develop the organisation to work more collaboratively with other local partners.

Our Objectives

  1. Service delivery – to continue to offer quality services and achieve outputs and outcomes for stakeholders.
  2. Service development – to develop new services in response to the health needs of the women of Wakefield.
  3. Partnership work – to work in partnership with local statutory, voluntary and community groups to achieve mutual aims. To maintain and develop good relationships with local commissioners of services.
  4. Volunteering and self -employment – to continue to offer opportunities for women to develop their skills in the workplace.
  5. Management and governance – to ensure efficient and effective management, governance and administration functions.
  6. Financial management – to ensure our financial viability through a mix of trading, contracts and grants.

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