self development courses

Below is a guide to the types of courses we run here at the WWC. Please visit our What’s On page to see our current schedule of courses.

Building Self Esteem

This course will give women a better understanding of the causes of their low self-esteem and will offer a range of strategies that may be helpful in addressing it.

We will look at: Different behaviour types; exploring junk thoughts; body language; The Rights Charter; owning our own feelings; saying no; self-respect and giving and receiving compliments.

Confidence building

This course will help women to explore and increase their self confidence in relation to their view of themselves, their relationships, and their pursuit of their goals. We will look at; Thoughts/feelings related to confidence; anxiety & strategies for recovery; behaviour styles; how we relate with confidence; anger & criticism; negative thinking and positive affirmations and challenging situations


The Well Being sessions are designed to offer women an introduction to various topics and issues that affect many of us. Alongside space for discussion and sharing of experiences, the sessions offer perspectives into how those issues may have developed in our lives and also give the opportunity to look at a range of strategies and resources to help cope with them. We will look at: Understanding and managing anxiety; creative ways to look at our difficulties; relationships with ourselves and others and dealing with stress and confidence building.