positive impact project

Positive Impact Project

The Positive Impact Project is funded until 2020 through the Big Lottery Fund, Reaching Communities. PIP provides specialist support from dedicated caseworkers who are skilled in providing a range of knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Childhood Sexual Abuse – For Women who as adults are still suffering as a result of their experiences as abused children
  • Domestic Abuse – Emotional and practical support for women still living in abusive situations or those women who have left a relationship and require further help to avoid repeating similar patterns
  • Mothers Apart From Their Children – For Women who are unable to have contact with their children for a range of complicated or complex reasons
  • Disordered Eating – the project will also be looking at supporting women who have significant problems with disordered eating

Over the five years, we aim to:

  • Improve women`s mental health and wellbeing
  • Enable women to feel less isolated
  • Support women to become more resilient in coping with the more severe and enduring issues that are harder to overcome

Call us on 01924 211114 or email info@wellwomenwakefield.org.uk

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