Counselling at the Well Women Centre

Counselling offers a weekly time and space to help you to explore your difficulties in a safe, private and confidential environment. This may be helpful in freeing you up to talk more openly and honestly than is sometimes possible with friends and family.

What to do if you feel at risk?

Having suicidal thoughts, or thoughts of harming yourself or others, can feel frightening and overwhelming. You may know what has triggered these thoughts or they may seem to come ‘out of the blue’. We would welcome you being able to talk about these thoughts and feelings in your counselling sessions so we can work with you to help you to get the support you need.

Complementary Therapies

All of the complementary therapies work holistically, which means they treat you as a whole person -emotionally, mentally, and physically -rather than concentrating on a single symptom, assisting you in achieving wellness.

Well Women Brochure

Here at the Well Women Centre we rely on goodwill and we are therefore proud to have so many supporters who help us in a range of ways. We welcome donations from those who can afford to give, either through single donations or through our regular giving scheme “Friends of Well Women”. Local businesses can also support us through our “Corporate Friends Scheme”, or through sponsorship of events and projects. All of this support brings in valuable funding which enables us to reach even more women across the district

Casework Teams

PIP and Restore casework teams offer personalised plans of work around your needs, helping you move forward to maintain positive change. This also includes culturally sensitive and specialist support for BAMER Women (Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic, Refugee Women) affected by the following issues


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